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What We Do

Custom Courses

We design, develop, and deliver the education systems that enable your sales team, engineers, and value-added resellers to succeed.

Certification Training

Do you or your team need certifications? We specialize in outstanding delivery of CISSP®, Security+™, and Network+™.

The Most Successful Way to Learn: Conceptual Linking

Only 12% of learners apply the skills from the training to their job, and 62% of managers believe they are NOT doing a good job meeting their learners’ needs. And training is expensive! The total loss to a business from ineffective training is a whopping $13.5 million per year for every 1,000 employees! Why is this so hard?

The answer is that most of us never learned how to learn. We’ve solved that problem with our proprietary, proven learning methodology, Conceptual Linking℠. Our courses leave memorization behind and deliver a more efficient, effective experience tailored to how people learn. Expect better recall and better results, in less time—all leading to a faster return on your investment.

Why Hire Us

We Have a More Effective Process

It’s simple, really. Most training doesn’t stick. Ours does. Conceptual Linking℠, deep subject matter expertise, and multiple delivery methods combine to deliver real results—faster and more efficiently. 

We Save You Time and Money

Everyone wants that! We teach people how to learn, retain, and recall in less time, so they can put knowledge to work immediately. Our approach means you see results quickly, while staying in control of costs.

We’re About as Rare as Unicorns

Our background is something you won’t find anywhere else. With experience in everything from sales enablement to systems engineering to learning architecture development, we can hit the ground running with very little ramp up time—every time. Get your training quickly, from people who know the subject matter.

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